The Great Wall Productions

TGWP crew

Who we are

Created sometime within the young years of our lives, we at The Great Wall Productions always strive
to write what we dream. A simple thought or idea has always been what spawned the creation process
of our movies and stories. We believe that the greater always includes the lesser. We are the key that
opens the floodgates; we are the hinges that allow it to swing too and fro.
You are the one who opens the gate to see the world that awaits you. Come, step into our world for a
Collectively we are a group of writers/directors/actors/producers in central-eastern/north-eastern
Georgia in the United States of America and have been working together making our visions of film and shows come to life for years.
We grew up imagining elaborate stories and playing them out in our neighborhoods with our friends,
and now we are working towards putting our imaginations; thoughts, ideas and ideals on the big
screen and across the internet.
The Great Wall Productions is not only made up by the 'less then a handful' of founders, but also the
chief supporters and artists that have helped and continue to help make The Great Wall Productions
what it is.

A brief History 


The Great Wall Productions was started in 2005 when Kenneth Forrester began making short films            and filming events. He didn't have a name yet but soon after meeting (who would later be Co founder) Barna Lumpkin Jr. the name was invented. Barna and Kenneth won the first place award at the Georgia Perimeter College film festival in 2010. After that,Kenneth, Barna and groups of vastly talnented individuals produced 13 shorts and a feature film (Love My Country) between 2011 and 2016.